our range of water treatment

Pressure Sand Filters System

Pressure Sand Filter used in waste water treatment plant remove non ionic impurities like clay, turbidity, dust, particles, heavy metals suspended solid matter etc. from water & wastewater.

Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Plant

warer point is a well-known name for a wide spectrum of Ultrafiltration water treatment systems. We believe in high-quality and reliable systems that bring high Return on Investment to the clients.

Industrial Water Treatment

water point aims at providing excellent industrial water treatment Plantr treatment systems that are hassle-free, easy to use and efficient in execution.

Dual Media Filter

Water treatment plants are essential because the several types of impurities present in water are extremely harmful to the health of human and animals.

Multi Media Water Filter System

Filter those have three media (Anthracite quartz sand and garnet) is known as multi-media filter.

Side Stream Filter Systems

Side stream filters is very essential system for smooth operation and performance of cooling tower and heat exchangers.

Activated Carbon Filter Systems

In Activated carbon filter, principle media is activated carbon supporting with gravel, pebble and sand.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

Perfectly engineered yet simple Reverse Osmosis plants by water point are ideal for a wide spectrum of applications.

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